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Belt Railway of Chicago:  Clearing Yard (west end)

Burlington Northern Santa Fe:  LaGrange, McCook Junctions

Canadian National:  Franklin Park, Blue Island Crossing, Highlawn

Canadian Pacific:  Franklin Park

Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern:  Ivanhoe

Chicago Rail Link:  Blue Island Crossing

Chicago South Shore & South Bend:  State Line Crossing

CSX/Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal:  Barr-Blue Island connection, CP Grove, Calumet Park, Blue Island  Crossing, Ivanhoe

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern:  Indiana Harbor, Michigan Avenue Yard

Iowa Interstate:  Blue Island Crossing

Norfolk Southern:  Indiana Harbor, Osborn Junction

South Chicago & Indiana Harbor (ex-Chicago Short Line):  Indiana Harbor

Union Pacific:  Dolton Junction, Bellwood (CP Hill)


BRC: Belt trains deliver to Blue Island Yard; IHB trains deliver to Clearing Yard.

BNSF: Delivers to Blue Island Yard. Auto rack trains continue east to Gibson Yard. IHB delivers local industry cars at the GM yard in Willow Springs.

CN: Delivers to Blue Island Yard via Highlawn off the ex-IC main. Autorack trains access Gibson Yard via Dolton Junction.

CP: Delivers to Norpaul Yard near Franklin Park. IHB delivers to Bensenville via Franklin Park Junction.

CFE: Delivers to Blue Island Yard using trackage rights on CSX's Porter Branch to reach Ivanhoe

CRL: Accesses the IHB main at Blue Island Crossing from Metra (ex-Rock Island). Delivers to IHB at Blue Island Yard and the "old yard" between CN (ex-GTW) and IHB mains south (tt east) of Blue Island Crossing.

CSS: All interchange is handled at CSS's Burnham Yard, accessed by IHB at State Line Crossing.

CSX/B&OCT: CSX trains deliver to IHB at Blue Island Yard; Harbor trains deliver to CSX at nearby Barr Yard. Auto trains head to Gibson Yard.

EJE: All interchange handled at Lakefront Yard in Indiana Harbor.

IAIS: Accesses the IHB main at Blue Island Crosssing from Metra (ex-Rock Island). Delivers to IHB at Blue Island Yard but sometimes returns from the "old yard" alongside CN main at Blue Island.

NS: Delivers to Blue Island Yard from the Indiana Harbor connection with the ex-Conrail main (CP 502). Some trains interchange at Michigan Avenue Yard. Auto rack trains go to Gibson Yard. Interchange occasionally occurs at Osborn Yard near Osborn Junction.

SCIH: All interchange is at Lakefront Yard.

UP: UP (ex-MP) delivers to IHB at Blue Island Yard; IHB delivers to UP at Yard Center--both via Dolton Junction. Auto rack trains travel east via Dolton to Gibson Yard. UP (ex-CNW) delivers to IHB at Norpaul Yard; IHB delivers to Proviso Yard (near Bellwood) or else leaves trains for UP crews at CP Hill.

         -- Thanks to J.D. (Tuch) Santucci who provided most of this data.

Indiana Harbor Belt Timetables, 2003


X CP Ivanhoe (EJ&E)0.0
X CP Gibson (Kankakee Line)2.2
X CP MC Connection (MC Connecting Trk)2.8
X Hohman Interlocking (NS)  R-IHB East Dispatcher5.4
X CP Calumet Park (CSXT, NS)7.1
X CP Grove (CSXT)9.8
XXDolton (CSXT, UP, NS)10.6
  Indiana Ave. Crossovers10.9
  School Street (Blue Is. Yard east)11.3
X CP Harvey (CSXT) (Blue Is. Yard west, Bl Is. Indus. Trk)13.7
XXBlue Island Junction (CN, CSXT)15.2
X CP Francisco  R-Blue Island Jct Opr15.4
  Wireton (No. 2 Trk.)16.4
X CP 123rd Street 17.3
X CP Ridge (METRA)21.1
X CP 87th Street 23.8
  82nd Street (No. 2 Trk., B&O Siding)24.5
X CP 71st Street (BRC)26.0
X CP Argo (BRC, Argo Indus. Trk.)26.8
X CP Canal (CN)27.4
X CP McCook (BNSF)28.1
X CP LaGrange (BNSF)31.0
  22nd Street (No. 1 TRk.)32.9
  Broadview (CN)33.9
  Madison Street (No. 1 Trk.)35.1
X CP Hill (UP)35.9
  Lake Street (No. 2 Trk.)36.0
X CP Rose37.0
X CP Norpaul38.3
X CP Grand Ave. (No. 1 Trk. WC Conn)38.9
  Franklin Avenue (Begin CPRS)39.3
X Tower B-12  R-METRA Control Opr39.4

AAR radio channel 25 (160.485) is in use between CP Ivanhoe and CP Grove
AAR radio channel 58 (160.980) is in use between CP Grove and Tower B-12 (Franklin Park)

The IHB main is single track between CP Ivanhoe and CP Calumet Park, and double track between Calumet Park and Franklin Park.

Between Blue Island and Superior, the physical plant is owned and maintained by B&OCT (CSX), with the exception of Chicago Ridge interlocking which is maintained by IHB. Between Superior and Franklin Park, the physical plant is owned and maintained by IHB. IHB dispatches and operates the entire route.

From a point near Superior to Franklin Park, the route runs compass north-south. However, timetable direction is west-east.

NOTE: In 2007 the main line between the north (tt-west) end of Norpaul Yard to the terminus at Franklin Park was re-aligned. Also, tower B-12 has been closed and the junction with the Milwaukee West line is now remotely controlled by Metra operators. Hence the last three entries on the above table would look slightly different now.


X CP 502 (NS, EJ&E)  R-NS Hick OPr0.0
X CP 100  R-NS Hick Opr0.2
  Michigan Avenue (Mich. Ave. Yard east)1.0
XXCalumet (CSXT, EJ&E) (Mich. Ave. Yard west)1.9
XGrasselli (EJ&E)2.8
X CP Gibson (IHB Main Line)3.8
X Osborn Junction4.1
  Osborn (NS)4.8
X CP Highland  R-NS Kankakee Dispr7.2

Grasselli tower was shut down Nov. 19, 2007. The interlocking is now controlled by IHB's East Dispatcher.

AAR channel 25 (160.485) is in use between CP502 and Osborn.

Although the Kankakee Line runs compass north-south, timetable direction from CP502 to CP Highland is east-west.

NS Kankakee Line Dispatcher controls Kankakee Line west (south) of Osborn.

IHB does not have "divisions" or "districts". Traffic east of Blue Island Yard is controlled by the East Dispatcher; traffic to the west is controlled by the West Dispatcher.

FOR A COMPLETE 1923 TIMETABLE, CLICK HERE (pdf, large file).

Many thanks to Lightnin' for providing this file.

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