•    Gibson Yard    •

Click here for a description of Gibson Yard operations back in the 1950s and '60s.

Roundhouse area, east end of the yard. Photo by Mike Rapchak.

West end tower area. Photo by Mike Rapchak.

West end of the yard.

Looking west, Indianapolis Blvd bridge overhead.

It's 1950 and Fairbanks Morse 7112, an H20-44, switches the west end
Photo courtesy of Charlie Stricker

Overhead shot looking east.

Current trackage at the east end of the yard and the shops.
Courtesy of Diane Pender and J.D. McKibben

This 1976 Photo of the Gibson North Hump was submitted by Judd Pease of S&J Custom Models.
   Thanks Judd. S&J does custom painting and super-detailing of models.

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